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Angry Indian Goddesses – Denying the Girl Child an Education

India has not one but thirty three crore Gods and Goddesses. For a country that believes so devoutly in the Goddess, it is surprising that they do not feel the same way about their daughters. We have to wonder that why despite having a woman we worship when it comes to education, we do not think it is necessary to educate a girl.

NGO for education in India has been working tirelessly to help promote their cause which is educating a girl child. To ensure that a girl can attend school with dignity, they have even designed specialized kits that would help the girl child pursue their dreams with a freer mind.

Rights of a girl child include the right to education. While Government schools provide free education up till the age of fourteen, in order for the girl child to complete her education, it means that she needs the sponsorship for education in order to continue being on her journey to become an empowered woman.

India & Her Paradox

This is where the NGOs for education step in. They made the means meet the ends, but promoting online donations. They ask people on behalf of the girl child to become a sponsor for their cause. They ask the sponsors to think about how this would eventually benefit the society as a whole.

The Girl Child: Boon or Bane?

Even though we have been comparing our daughters to the Goddesses for time immemorial, it is surprising that even in today’s age parents need to be convinced to send their daughters to school. They need to be convinced that it is not a bane that a daughter has been born to them but rather a boon.

The girl child is still unwelcome in many parts of the country, and in many others the parents are disappointed by their children belonging to the fairer sex. Therefore, the NGOs for education have to be more convincing when they ask the parents to take a chance and send their daughters to school. Even though in some places the narrative has changed, in majority of the places, the girl child is still not seen at par with the boy child.

Patriarchy runs rampant in our bloods and we still believe that somewhere deep down, a educating a girl child would not come to any fruition. The NGOs for education of the girl child convince the parents to think about the future. When the girls would be empowered young woman, leading lives that their parents could not even allow themselves to dream about!

What this generation needs more than ever is to educate the girl child. She will be the answer to the prayers and she will be the saviour for sure – but in order for that to happen, she really does need an education. There are NGOs that are dedicated to promoting the education of the girl child, and to ensure she gets all the help she needs to lead the life of her dreams.

Author Bio: Misha Roy in this blog post explores how India is a paradox – worshipping Goddesses yet does not treat her daughters in the same way.